The Lazy Makoti Project


I came across a link of a website and I opened it only to find it was empty. This led to us hosting “The Lazy Makoti”, and this has given rise to a new project. We would like to invite you to join us document and share Indigenous recipes. The issue with us African is that we don’t document our history. We have lost a lot of our history and the least we can do in this modern age is preserve what’s left of it.

Food is very important in the African culture, it brings us together, whether as family or majita or community. Let us document recipes of African dishes, as they were originally prepared. There is a lot of foods I would like to make but I can’t. I’d like to make Xigugu on a random Thursday or have Tshopi when the pumpkins are in season. We grew up eating a variety of delicious dishes, prepared with very few ingredients that cost close to nothing.

We are not taking initiative to learn and they also gave up on teaching us. We live in an era where we can google anything we want to know about. Why should we struggle with traditional African recipes on the internet? We can use the internet to our advantage and make sure that this generation and future generations to come can access our history easily.


To contribute to The Lazy Makoti Project, email your recipe to us:


Language – recipes are not limited to English, we would love it if you wrote them in your respective language.

Media – please provide an image of the dish or a video (showing how it was prepared) if possible, but we will post your recipe even if it does not have supporting media.

Versions – we welcome alternative methods of preparing dishes/food.

Format – please include the following on your recipe – Ingredients,  Method and A traditional rule or story if it applies to that specific food or dish (if its only eaten by men or herd boys).

Borders – all Bantu recipes are welcomed, whether from Malamulele or Malawi.


Submit recipes via email: – subject: #TheLazyMakotiProject



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